About language4you.com

By the time you get to this page, we hope you've had a look around the site and that you like it. We've put in a lot of time and effort in making this site, as we wanted to present you with the best language-school site there is, and of course with the best schools and the best locations!

Find your way in the educational jungle

We have carefully chosen all the schools you see on this site, based on the quality of the courses they offer, their locations and their reputation. And yes, we've left many schools out, as we only want to represent the schools we have personal knowledge of, and that we are sure we can recommend.

High standards

Language4you.com is based in Granada, Spain, and is a collaboration of many people with years of experience in the international language marked. The group consists of people who are, or have been, students, teachers, professors and directors of various language schools, some of us with ties with many of the schools we represent on this website. This means that we have personal knowledge of the schools, many of the professors, and many of the directors of the various locations.

We also continually monitor the schools, and if we experience any problems, this school will be taken of our list, ensuring our courses are at all times the best and of the highest quality.

Standardised information - in one place!

language4you.com is the first site of its kind to offer you such a wide selection of locations and languages, handpicked from five of the most renowned language schools in the world. We have made an effort to give you information about the language in question and the location or area as much as the school itself. All of this information has been rewritten to be able to present all the locations in the same way, as well as standardising the prices in all the locations. This allows you to compare the prices directly, without going from site to site or calling up all the schools individually to ask for this information.

The prices are the same

We are not an agency, and therefore do not add an agency-fee, meaning you pay nothing extra for the service that we offer you. Booking through us will cost you exactly the same as buying the course directly from the school, only we offer you more choices and better information. You also have the further assurances when booking through us that we are impartial, as we do not favour any one school or location, but recommend the ones we think offer the best service for you based on what our you tell us you're looking for.

We'll help, should you need it

As all of us working in language4you.com have been language students ourselves, we know a lot about the uncertainty connected with making the right choice and the fears of making a bad choice when choosing a language school in a foreign country. Questions like "Will there be a class that corresponds with my level?", "What kind of living arrangements can I choose from and what will suit me?", "Do the teachers in the school speak anything else than their local language should I need help or assistance?", etc. And so we're also glad to help, should you have questions or feel uncertain about any aspects of your language course. Tell us what language you'd like to study, how much time you want to be studying for, if you want to study a lot or just a little, and we'll help you work out the best solution for you. We also recommend that you read through the information we have throughout the site, giving you general information about all the languages we offer, information about all our courses, the levels, the intensity, the prices and the locations.

We wish you a great experience learning a new language with us!

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